3D printed book of bas relief from Art Institute of Chicago

Tom Burtonwood sez, "I have just published Folium, a 3D printed book of bas relief from the Art Institute of Chicago; it's posted to thingiverse for download: 12 pages, 9 scans featuring works of art spanning over 2000 years, from the Ancient Egyptians to Louis Sullivan department store decorations."

Burtonwood's last 3D printed book, a collection of textures and reliefs, was also a free download.

In addition to the scans all the texts have also been translated into braille so that low sighted and visually impaired people can experience the reliefs and identify what they are.

We'll be premiering it at World Maker Faire in NYC this coming weekend, we'll be in and around the 3DP village and selling 3D printed Play Doh molds derived from both Orihon and Folium.

Folium a 3D Printed Book of Bas Relief from the Art Institute of Chicago [Tom Burtonwood/Thingiverse]

(Thanks, Tom!)