Anti-bedbug luggage uses heating elements to bake your stuff

Thermalstrike's heated luggage has plug-in elements that heat the contents of your bag to 140F before you unpack them, which should theoretically kill any bedbugs that hitched a ride home with you from the road (remember to take out your toiletries and electronics first!).

ThermalStrike's polycarbonate blend outer shell is all but indestructible. ThermalStrike is equipped with a toughened telescopic aluminum handle, reinforced corner guards and an integrated TSA approved lock. Its four 360 degree rotational wheels make it sturdy and easy to maneuver even when fully packed. Its sleek and stylish look is matched only by its superior performance.

ThermalStrike eases the concerns of bed bugs when traveling by giving you the choice to use it as either a carry-on or as a checked bag. All of the integrated heating and safety the components of ThermalStrike are TSA and FAA compliant so bringing your luggage thru security will never be a problem.

ThermalStrike Heated Luggage

(via Gizmodo)

(Image: File:Bedbug (PSF).png, Pearson Scott Foresman/Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain)