Kickstarting Haphead, a science fiction web series about gamer culture

Haphead, the wonderful science fiction webseries about gamer culture that I wrote about in March, is kickstarting a budget for kick-ass post-production. It's from Jim Munroe, who made Ghosts With Shit Jobs.

Munroe and co have shown that they can produce amazing sf movies with tiny budgets, and Hapheads is their most ambitious project yet. $10 gets you the whole season as downloads; other rewards include voice-acting and face roles, parkour training and more.

Maxine is a quiet teenage girl working at a factory that's manufacturing new haptic cable inputs. After she steals one, her favourite rabbit-ninja game gets a whole lot more punishing, with the haptic feedback loop beating skills into her muscle memory.

But it's just a game… until a fellow haphead causes her father's death. Then she starts to apply her new deadly abilities to finding out why.

HAPHEAD: a near-future videogame subculture webseries

(via JWZ)