Bondic: multipurpose liquid UV-curing plastic adhesive

Bondic is a UV-curing liquid plastic adhesive that can stick together materials that usually require different kinds of glues to bond.

The UV light on the attached wand hardens the plastic in four seconds. You can build up multiple layers of glue for filling thick fissures and gaps. It's sandable and paintable, too. It's very highly rated by the people who've tried it. It fills, bonds and repairs plastics, ceramics, glass, metal, textiles and wood.

Bondic is a very simple 4-step process (clean, fill, cure and shape) to fix almost anything, saving countless precious items from ending up in the trash before their time.

Never again will we be at the mercy of sticky, messy and exasperating adhesives that do anything BUT what we need them to do. We live in a plastic and disposable world today, so much so that Ken and Barbie almost look human in comparison. Our mission is to save expensive items and hard earned money by not having to replace them every year or even every month! Oh and while we're at it, contribute to shrinking a landfill or two.

We know finding replacements to products can be hard and likely more expensive than the original cost. Bondic not only fixes things but it can make them stronger than the original. The more you layer the stronger Bondic gets; you can't say that about glue!


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(via Red Ferret)