Superweapons in the hyperpalatability wars

Foods containing mixtures of salt, fat, sugar and starch are "hyperpalatable" and induce strong, habitual compulsions to consume; the most successful high-calorie dishes are engineered to deliver staggering loads of all four, singly and in combination.

Apropos of nothing, the Minnesota State Fair has unveiled this year's junk food selection, including Chilled Bread Pudding, Deep Fried Ribs, Snicker Bar Salad, Italian Dessert Nachos, Maple Bacon Funnel Cake, Pretzel Croissant Sandwiches, prime rib in a cone, four kinds of Spam burger, Kimchi N Curry Poutine, Stuffed Italian Meatloaf on a Stick, BBQ Pickle Ice Cream and Caramel Chocolate-Dipped Bacon Ice-Cream Bars.

Chilled Bread Pudding:
Custardy bread
pudding baked and served chilled –

with a warm
glaze/dunking sauce and a choice of crunchy "Moon Gravel" condiments. Bread pudding flavors: Old
Fashioned Challah, Fudge Brownie Batter, Corn Bread and Gluten-Free. Glaze options: Classic Vanilla,
Warm Berries, Salted Caramel Graham Cracker and Hot Chocolate. "Moon Gravel" topping choices:
Granola Crunch, Cinnamon Churro Cookie, Candy Roasted Pecans and Rum Soaked Raisins.

Deep Fried Ribs:

Smoked baby back ribs, breaded, fried and served with BBQ sauce

Grandma Deb's Snicker Bar Salad:

bars and Granny Smith apples tossed in vanilla
pudding with whipped cream and drizzled with caramel sauce

Italian Dessert Nachos:
Cinnamon sugar cannoli chips smothered with sweet ricotta cheese filling, fruit,
chocolate, nuts and candy toppings

Kimchi 'n' Curry Poutine:
Braised pork and potatoes smothered with curry gravy and cheddar cheese,
then topped with kimchi and a poached egg

Maple Bacon Funnel Cake:
A funnel cake
infused with bacon pieces, then topped with sweet maple
glaze and sprinkled with more bacon

Pretzel Croissant Sandwich:
Gluten-free and nitrate-free grilled chicken breast and ham, Swiss cheese
and fresh spinach smothered in honey
mustard and chive aioli, grilled and served hot on a pretzel dough
croissant or gluten-free toast

BBQ Pickle Ice Cream:
Vanilla ice cream infused with a light BBQ
sauce and diced pickles

Caramel Chocolate

Dipped Bacon Ice Cream Bar:
Vanilla ice cream bar with a bacon and caramel-filled
center, dipped in chocolate, rolled in bacon and drizzled with more

New Foods for 2015 [Minnesota State Fair]

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