Satan's merry pranksters

Remember the fun Satanic Temple that fought to put a statue of Baphomet on the grounds of the Oklahoma Capitol and held a "pink mass" at the grave of the mother of Wesboro Baptist Church founder Fred Phelps to turn her "gay in the afterlife?" The New York Times talked to the Satanic Temple's two chief instigators, "Malcolm Jarry" and "Lucien Greaves" (aka Douglas Mesner), about their approach to poignant political pranksterism in the face of conservative Christianity.

Of course, neither of these fellows actually believe in the devil. From the New York Times:

Satanic Temple plans include the ultimate in strait-laced, law-abiding activism: lawsuits. It is looking into using the Religious Freedom Restoration Act to oppose abortion waiting periods, claiming that it violates Satanic doctors' belief in the sanctity of good science.

And they are looking for plaintiffs, willing to identify as Satanists, who will file suit against public schools' use of in-school isolation and deprivation of bathroom access. Such punishments "are physical or psychological abuse," Mr. Mesner said, "which violates the Satanic Temple principle of sovereignty of body and mind."

The two Satanists are also trying to figure out what to do with their statue of Baphomet, by the sculptor Mark Porter, since they no longer plan to place it on the grounds of the Oklahoma Capitol. It was to be unveiled on July 25 at a theater in Detroit, but under pressure from Christian activists, the theater has withdrawn its permission.

"A Mischievious Thorn in the Side of Conservative Christianity" (Thanks, David Steinberg!)

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