Sculptor builds tiny, elaborate treehouses in house-plants

Jedediah Voltzby's Somewhere Small sculpture series is composed of 25 tiny treehouses painstakingly built around houseplants, drawing on Voltzby's extensive experience as a props-master for films.

Voltzby's houses are made from wood, silk and other materials, with tiny gemstones and paintings hidden within. They'll be displayed at LA's Vigil Normal starting April 23.

LA-based artist Jedediah Corwyn Voltz constructs miniature treehouses wrapped around common houseplants or bonsai trees in his new sculptural series titled Somewhere Small. Voltz relies on over a decade of commercial prop making for film and other projects to craft each structure from scratch using small bits of wood, silk fabric, miniature artworks, and semi precious stones that are hidden throughout. To-date he's produced some 25 little habitats that resemble everything from tiny watchtowers in secluded forests, to large bustling windmills or water wheels.

Jedediah Corwyn Voltzby [Big Cartel]

Miniature Treehouse Sculptures Built Around Houseplants by Jedediah Voltzby [Christopher Jobson/Colossal]

(via Crazy Abalone)