Yes Men punk the NRA with "buy one gun, give one gun" program

At "Share the Safety," you can buy one of three Smith & Wesson guns, and the good folks at the NRA will send another one just like it to a lucky person in a low income, inner-city neighborhood, "law-abiding urbanites who will for the first time be able to defend themselves against those who prey on the urban poor." It's just like Tom's shoes!

If you're an open-carry advocate worried about "government overreach," you're going to feel a natural allegiance to the primary victims of police violence, after all.

Chicago's Lamar Roberts was lucky enough to get a gun thanks to Sam Stevenson, who wanted to "help a good guy defend himself." Now Roberts can defend himself against "security guards, cops, and vigilantes."

With Share the Safety, the Yes Men NRA are finally realizing that they need to hitch their wagons to the social movements who know how to effect real change.

The press conference at the Reagan Library, given by a man with a genuinely excellent and in no way fake beard, really says it all: if the NRA can enlist "the gays" they can harness the political clout that won marriage equality "in the face of almost universal revulsion."

Share the Safety