Watch the (very weird) first USSR television commercial

This surreal advertisement for corn from 1964 is reportedly the USSR's first TV commercial.

Over at r/ObscureMedia, amer_amer kindly offers this translation:

If you would like to be healthy,
fed for a hundred years,
ask with a kind word
at restaurants and cafeterias
(and) recieve dinner
wait, sit down, don't rush
wait… (and) recieve dinner.
Chef: where are you from?
Corn: (unintelligible)… We were grown in azerbaijan, in a southern warm country, in the virgin lands of kasakhstan.
Chef: understood. so what do you want?
Corn: we want to get on the menu.
Chef: i'm sorry, and i'm not kicking you out, but i'm not changing the menu.
(The dishes start sliding)
And the salads, and the soups, and (dishes) made from maize groats,
and with sugar: porridge, pudding and cakes,
and appetizers and garnish.
Peace for all (i think).
What a dish, absolutely spectacular!
Every day will be prepared!
Chef: and let me tell you something, all these dished can be made easily by any hostess (as in housewife).

(Thanks, UPSO!)