HOWTO make incredibly resilient DIY liquid glass putty

If you enjoyed our previous post on Liquid Glass Putty, a fun and amazing material with all kinds of interesting uses, you'll love this update.

Karina Garcia shows how to save money and make your own with Scotch Clear Glue and Borax.


• 1.6 ounces package of Scotch Clear glue

• 1 teaspoon Borax

• 1/2 cup water


• Empty glue into bowl.

• In separate bowl, dissolve 1 teaspoon of Borax in 1/2 cup water

• Mix the two together and slowly mix with a fork for 15 seconds.

• Remove the and knead it until it's the desired consistency (should feel like clay).

Elmer's Clear Glue Sticks also work with double the Borax.

DIY Liquid Glass! (YouTube / Karina Garcia)