Children are stupid. Be smart, and secure each room for a stupid person

Brock and Bowdy were doing what toddlers do: being stupid. In the process of trying to climb their dresser via the drawers, they tipped it over, pinning Brock. Luckily Bowdy was able to free his twin brother, but these incidents are common. Ikea recently recalled several dressers for the same problem that led to fatalities. If you know or care for seniors, you need to senior-proof their living spaces, too.

In my experience, one of the major issues with DIY and maker culture is not enough emphasis on safety, especially for children. That doesn't mean you have to be a helicopter parent, but you need to look at everything around you the way a child would. With a few exceptions, children are not hard-wired to sense a dangerous situation. File cabinets and dressers and other items with drawers (even rollaway kitchen islands) have the potential of toppling over from the weight of a child. A lot of people are giving mother Kayli Shoff a hard time for sharing this, but if sharing it saves one child, what's a little embarrassment from YouTube hecklers versus a child's life? To me, this is the promise of the internet: sharing experiences, good or bad, in hopes of helping others.

Two year old miraculously saves twin brother (YouTube / Kayli Shoff)