Some delightfully sweet Valentine's magic for you to perform

Andy from The Jerx (previously) shows how you can use Thomas Bloomberg's Konami Code effect (which allows the performer to force an observer to pick a certain square in a grid, despite a seeming free choice) to perform a baffling and delightful effect using a box of assorted chocolates this Valentine's Day.

You then have her go through the moves in the random order she mixed the cards in. Going forward, backwards, left and right as the cards tell her to. If she can't make a move because it would take her off the map, have her place that card on the bottom of the unused stack, and you'll come back around to it later in the procedure.

Eventually she'll land on one space on the map. You push the papers aside and draw her attention to where she ended up.

"Okay, your favorite kind is the pecan cluster, right? And you ended up right here… one up and one to the right of center. Open the box."

When she does, she finds that right in the location she landed on is her favorite piece.

"That wasn't a fluke. I'll show you," you say. "I'll move it to a different location." Behind the cover of the box you mix the chocolates around then cover them back up.

The Whitman's Algorithm
[The Jerx]