A bluetooth speaker that keeps your drinks cold. Yeah, yeah, just go with it.

Like an app-controlled faucet or a WiFi-enabled fire extinguisher, the words "Bluetooth Cooler" might make you think of a rejected internet-of-things concept. But trust us, adding wireless technology to products isn't always "innovation for the sake of innovation."

This CoolerBag adds the one thing that could possibly be missing from an insulated cooler—a sound system.

With built-in, rechargeable bluetooth speakers, you basically have a portable party. This silly-but-genius bag holds up to 24 beer cans, making it a perfect companion for tailgating, camping, the beach, and anywhere else consuming alcohol is appropriate. You can also use it as the most ironic lunchbox of all time, the choice is yours.

This Bluetooth Speaker CoolerBag is now $27.99.