A modern nixie tube clock of great ambition, regrettably IoTed

The Nixie Machine 2 is a huge (1.2m long!), expensive ($30,000!) nixie clock whose tubes are modern Nixies, scratchbuilt by Czech engineer Dalibor Farny.

Regrettably, it is also part of the Internet of Shit, being connected to your home wifi so that it might synchonize itself to internet time-services.

This week, the M.A.D. Gallery announced that it has teamed up with Frank Buchwald once more to create a second Nixie Machine that is even larger than the original. Working with steel and brass, Buchwald has created a 1.2 meter-long exoskeleton to hold up six tubes, and there is a collection of cables that snake out from the base up to the tubes themselves, adding a little biomorphic design to the mix.

Introducing The Nixie Machine II At The M.A.D. Gallery
[Arthur Touchot/Hodinkee]

(via JWZ)