Kickstarting Bikequity, a feminist bicycle zine about class and social justice

Elly Blue (previously) writes, "Bikequity is the 14th issue of my long-running (since 2010) feminist bike zine, Taking the Lane."

In its pages, 15 contributors write about their experiences with bicycling as a signifier — or driver — of class, biking's connection to their race or ethnic heritage, and other ways that two-wheeled transportation has been significant to their identity, community, and socioeconomic status.

Everything was written and selected before last November, and it's more meaningful than ever now. I get the sense that a lot of us are looking for concrete actions we can take to make the world around us better and to connect with others across differences; bicycling offers both of those things, and this collection cuts right to the heart of that.

I launched the Kickstarter project yesterday as part of the Kickstarter Gold initiative to bring back a new twist on past iconic projects.

Kickstarter Gold: Bikequity, a social justice bicycle zine
[Elly Blue/Kickstarter]