Kickstarting a Bondic, handheld UV-curing plastic "3D printer"

I first tried Bondic in 2015, when I ordered a tube of the UV-curing plastic and started using it to fix everything -- especially irregularly-fractured items with hard-to-fill gaps.

The principle is that you lay down a bead of the liquid, then shine a UV LED on it for four seconds to cure it to hard plastic (like the UV-curing fillings you might have gotten at the dentist's), and then build up successive layers.

Now the Bondic creators have crossed their UV-curing plastic with a hot-glue gun, to make something they call an "almost instant 3D printer" and they're kickstarting a pre-order for their first production run.

They're already at triple their funding goal of CAD45,000.

$14 gets you a basic kit.

The next generation BondicEVO™ offers a faster curing time, a more convenient size & shape, and an easier application method.

* Built in LED light.

More LED power than the original Bondic® LED.

Quick release cartridge system for easy refill replacements.

Ergonomic grip for convenient and steady applications.

The added features only enhance the original product. Though the BondicEVO™ Pen is smaller and sleeker, it still possesses the same amazing capabilities as our original Bondic® Pen. This ranges from anything to bonding the arms of broken glasses back together to sealing holes in copper pipes. You can literally use it for all DIY projects such as filling holes, making new threading, bonding materials together for craft projects and repairing cords or wires that have frayed.

BondicEVO Liquid Plastic Welder

(via Red Ferret)