Trump CEO councils disband over President's response to Charlottesville racist violence

CEOs on President Donald Trump's business advisory councils today jumped ship via hastily-issued statements condemning hatred and racism. A flood of resignations from Presidential advisory councils followed Trump's bizarrely candid support of the Nazis and white supremacists who marched with torches in Charlottesville this past weekend. As news of the CEO resignations spread, Trump tweeted that it was he who'd decided to disband, not the execs.

Trump's response? You're not dumping me. I'm dumping you!

Anyway, these CEOs can't wash the Trump stank off fast enough. Quite a rebuke for the “billionaire” president who billed himself as a business genius and master dealmaker, isn't it? Actual business leaders shunning him, en masse.

From CNBC just now:

President Donald Trump's Strategic and Policy Forum has disbanded, a member told CNBC.

The business advisory council made up of top business leaders is separate from Trump's manufacturing council, which several business leaders left this week.

The business backlash to the president follows his tepid response to violence at a white nationalist rally over the weekend.

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