Mat Ricardo's next juggling show will feature a trick you think he can't do

Mat Ricardo (previously) writes, "After 30 years of being the undisputed go-to guy for performing feats of dexterity live on stage, I've got a problem – I think I've done all the tricks I can think of. So, in what could be the dumbest move of my career, or the most fun, I'm issuing an open challenge for my next one man show."

I'm betting that you that you can't think of a trick that I can't learn.

Share the video, tweet me your craziest ideas, and I'll spend the next year desperately trying to learn the best ones. The resulting successes and failures will form my next theatre show "Mat Ricardo vs The World", which will premier at the Edinburgh fringe in August 2018.

There are a couple of rules, so watch the video for the details, and then give me your best shot and follow me on Twitter (@matricardo) and Instagram (@thematricardo) to see how my year develops.

Gladwell says I need 10000 hours to become an expert is any one thing, right? I've got less than that to learn whatever you people throw at me. This is going to be an adventure. I'd better make some coffee.

Mat Ricardo challenges you!
[Mat Ricardo/Vimeo]