Watch: Daredevil backflips motorcycle between two barges in London Thames

Here is an amazing motorcycle backflip by stunt performer Travis Pastrana. With only a 75-foot gap between two barges in London's river Thames, Pastrana pulled off a stunt that hasn't been tried in 11 years. The last guy to try, freestyle motocross rider Mike Metzger, did some serious damage fracturing his vertebrae.

According to Reuters:

Set against the backdrop of London's O2 arena, Pastrana had only 150 feet to accelerate to takeoff speed before jumping, with only 36 feet to come to a stop before he would have fallen into the river.

The vessels used in the attempt were fitted with a steep ramp for the rider's take-off and a more gently inclined one for him to land on.

Congrats to Pastrana, who in the past has "broken more than 90 bones and suffered 25 concussions."