The Bathgate Ratchet, a clicky, machined fidget-toy that works like a socket wrench

For the past year, sculptor machinist Chris Bathgate has been designing a series of handheld, kinetic fidget toys, starting with a "slider" and then a top, a worry stone, a spinner, and a netsuke.

The latest addition is the "Bathgate Ratchet": "This work uses a unique ratcheting mechanism. Basically the center sphere has a stepped bearing guide that only allows the ball bearings and springs that are nested inside to ride around the track in a single direction. This has the effect of revolving the inner geometry in steps when you sort of move the outer parts in a butterfly motion. It is similar to how a socket wrench works."

Bathgate is going to manufacture at least 99 of these, with a signup opening on Nov 2. No price is announced yet, but they're not going to be cheap: each one is hand-machined by a master machinist, and there's more demand than there is supply.

I have settled on four colors, Deep copper Orange, Charcoal Black, Deep Cyan Blue, and the very much requested as of late, purple violet.

While I could have chosen any number of colors for the anodizing, I think a limited palette is preferable. These are the colors I feel work best for this geometry, so lets save some of the others for the future.

But just because I am limiting colors, it does not mean that I am not open to the idea of doing a two tone combo though!

Introducing "The Bathgate Ratchet"
[Chris Bathgate]