Family calls cops for help with harassment, cop shoots their dog and complains about the cost of the bullet

Kelli Sullivan called the Evangeline Parish, Louisiana Sheriff's Department for help with a difficult neighbor who'd harassed her family; when the Sheriff's Deputy arrived, he shot their rat terrier in the head in front of her children, then griped about the expense of the valuable hollow-point bullet he'd squandered on killing their beloved pet.

But that's not the end of it, although that would probably be more than enough. A deputy unable to handle the "aggressive manner" of a 12-lb. dog is going to have severe difficulties handling aggressive behavior by full-grown humans. Nope, the deputy then allegedly had the audacity to:

A. Claim his killing of the dog was in the family's best interest, and

B. Complain about the cost of the bullet.

According to Kelli Sullivan, after killing Leia, the deputy told her that if she had bitten him, he'd have to sue, and that shooting her was the better option. He then told her, "It was a shame I had to waste that bullet, it was a really expensive hollow-point bullet."

Louisiana Deputy Shoots, Kills 12-Pound Family Dog [Brandy Arnold/Dogington Post]

Deputy Shoots Family's Terrier; Complains About Cost Of The Bullet
[Tim Cushing/Techdirt]