SNL writer spies on and 'fart-shames' his friend remotely using a Nest cam

As a safety measure, SNL writer Nick Kocher recently installed a Nest cam in his apartment.

He then left town for the weekend, letting his friend Jon Bass crash at his place.

Jon doesn't at first know about the camera or that he's being watched by his friend remotely.

On the second day, Kocher lets Bass in on what he's doing. Bass is rightly creeped out (NSFW language):

Now Bass wrongly believes that when the blue light goes out, that Kocher has stopped watching. Thinking he's not being surveilled, Bass farts loudly.

After a beat, Kocher fart shames Bass remotely through the cam, "That was gross."

Bass replies, "Did you hear me fart?":

And it doesn't end there, although Bass does eventually leave the apartment and the spying eyes of his "friend" Kocher.

The entire story is detailed here: