Spaghetti the corn snake has a newly-crocheted tube sweater

By crocheting over a piece of PVC pipe, Redditor Rancor_Emperor's (aka Sean) sister was able to crochet up a purple sweater for her brother's corn snake, Spaghetti. She gifted the long tube to the pet reptile on Christmas.

The Dodo shares:

"She asked me how long he was, and I was like, 'Well, he's about 39 inches last time I measured him.'"

…When Sean first showed Spaghetti the sweater, he happily wriggled his way inside of it, according to Sean.

…"Right before he sticks his head out through the end, he kind of parks it in there and waits," Sean said. "Then after a minute or two, he'll poke his head out and he'll sit there and look around for a while."

Sean posted a photo of Spaghetti in the sweater on Reddit and it blew up, capturing over 152K upvotes.

Rescue Snake Gets Special Crocheted Sweater For Christmas

(Twisted Sifter)