Spaghetti the corn snake has a newly-crocheted tube sweater

By crocheting over a piece of PVC pipe, Redditor Rancor_Emperor's (aka Sean) sister was able to crochet up a purple sweater for her brother's corn snake, Spaghetti. She gifted the long tube to the pet reptile on Christmas. The Dodo shares: "She asked me how long he was, and I was like, 'Well, he's about […]

Snoop Dogg narrates baby iguana's narrow escape from hungry snakes

I'm pretty sure Snoop Dogg could narrate nearly anything and I would still laugh my head off.

Rare two-headed snake in Turkey

A farmer found a two-headed baby snake in north-eastern Turkey. The snake, now at a reptile house, must be fed "small portions" due to its unique anatomy. From BBC News: Cuneyt Alpguven, who works at Antalya Aquarium's reptile house, says two-headed snakes are very rare and have little chance of surviving in the wild. "Being […]