A Monster Manual-inspired zine and art show

Secret Headquarters, Los Angeles's best comics shop (previously, has published "Monster Manual," a limited-run, 64-page zine collecting the art from their show of the same name, in which artists were challenged to create their own rue and satirical entries for a notional Dungeons and Dragons bestiary from an alternate timeline.

I saw this on Super Punch yesterday and drove straight over to buy it and it's amazing. Bet $10 I've spent in years.

Contributors: Seth Cooper, Malachi Ward, Mike Bertino, Michelle Xin, Levon Jihanian, Aeron Alfrey, Erin Althea, Miranda Tacchia, Mark Ingram, Lizz Hickey, Casey Alexander, Koren Shadmi, Garrett Davis, Alex Scubert, Matt Sheean, Devin Flynn, Johnny Ryan, Jon Vermilyea, Maghan Tryon, Matt Furie, Skinner, Andy Ristanio, Jesse Balmer, Alex Pardee, Kali Fontecchio, Jesse Moynihan, Jenny Goldberg, Alexander Hemming, Nick Edwards, Nicolette Wood, Mat Brinkman, Ben Marra ,Rob Goodin, Derek Ballard, Trevor Henderson, Pen Ward, Josh Freydkis, and Johnen Vasquez.

Aeonic Demon by Garrett Davis

Master of the Bog by Aeron Alfrey

Quorthon's Malingerer by Devin Flynn

Osmashock by Malachi Ward

Lord Sword by Mark Ingram

Fludgeonor by Matt Furie

Man Harpy by Michelle Xin

Monster Manual [Secret Headquarters]