Watch Jack Black listen to K-pop songs, try to sing them, Korean contestants try to guess song

In South Korea, there is a popular TV (and completely wacky) variety show called Infinite Challenge. From what I've been able to gather, contestants go through a series of challenges with celebrity guests.

In January 2016, as part of a promotion for the film Kung Fu Panda 3, Jack Black guest starred on the show. In this segment, he is shown with wearing headphones and bouncing his arms around, all while listening to K-pop.

The challenge for the Korean contestants is to guess what song Black is hearing simply by listening to him sing the song back. Of course, Black doesn't speak Korean which makes the whole segment quite entertaining.

According to this article, Black appeared on the show for free and was "more like a friendly friend" with the cast and crew:

"It was Jack Black's first time with the members, and there were difficulties in communication. Even worse, we were limited on time," producer Kim Tae Ho said. "Though we were worried into the beginning of the filming, these concerns were soon unnecessary. Jack Black was so committed to the show. Time was not an issue. We even had the luxury to take breaks in between."

"It's difficult to film an hour and a half worth of film time in only four hours," he added. "We were only concerned about entertainment, but in the end, this was a time for us to learn about making other people laugh and look back into our original motives. Both Jack Black and the members hoped that this would not be their last encounter."

Last year, he appeared on the show again and hopes to return for a third time.

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