Eleanor Roosevelt on "What's My Line?" game show (1953)

On October 18, 1953, former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt signed in as the "mystery challenger" on the popular game show What's My Line? By allowing the show's host to answer her initial questions, she managed to stump the blindfolded panelists for a while. But, after a few rounds, the 69-year-old Ms. Roosevelt started answering the questions herself and that's when one of the panelists got wise to her identity.

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Larry King on "To Tell the Truth" game show (1981): Watch

In 1981, the four To Tell the Truth panelists -- Soupy Sales, Pat Collins, Henry Morgan, and Peggy Cass-- weren't yet familiar with Larry King. Watch as they try to figure out who is the man behind the growing D.C.-based talk radio show. King was 47 years old when he appeared on the game show and he didn't start TV career on CNN until 1985. Read the rest

Jeopardy!'s first sudden-death tie-breaker: Watch

On Thursday, the first ever tie-breaker in regular game play (it's been used in tournament play) happened in Jeopardy!'s nearly 54-year history. After all three contestants answered the Final Jeopardy! clue incorrectly, two were left with the same dollar amount: $6799. Unfazed, host Alex Trebek gave one final tiebreaking clue to determine the winner. Now, if neither of them had gotten that clue correct, Trebek would have kept giving them until one of them did.

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Bill Gates attempts to guess the prices of everyday grocery items

Microsoft founder Bill Gates admittedly hasn't been in a supermarket in a long time, so when Ellen put him up to estimating the prices of some pretty typical grocery store items, he was hilariously lost. Particularly watch the look of pity Ellen gives at the 1:12 mark when the billionaire guesses that a container of Tide Pods is only four dollars.

With a lot of help from the audience, Bill was able to get the price right (within a dollar) of three items. Because of his "win," that audience will return for Ellen's popular "12 Days of Giveaways" segment.

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Watch Jack Black listen to K-pop songs, try to sing them, Korean contestants try to guess song

In South Korea, there is a popular TV (and completely wacky) variety show called Infinite Challenge. From what I've been able to gather, contestants go through a series of challenges with celebrity guests. Read the rest

Here's the winner of Integrity Idol, the reality show for Nigerian government workers

Nuzo Eziechi said, "I am incredibly excited to be honored as Nigeria's Integrity Idol." The show featured government workers competing to be crowned most ethical. Read the rest

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Jeopardy champion Glenn Fleishman on Jeopardy champion Arthur Chu