Watch how to make transparent potato chips

Barry Lewis from My Virgin Kitchen decided to make clear potato crisps, and they look amazing, like little starchy dried jellyfish.

Those interested can find the full recipe here, and it involves making a sort of potato stock that gets cooked for a long time:

Pour the chilled stock into a large saucepan, add in the potato starch and heat over a medium flame whisking whilst it thickens, it will thicken considerably to a glue / gel like vibe. It's now that you can pipe this onto a baking tray lined with parchment or a non slip mat and bake for at least 8 hours! Use a squeeze bottle with a nozzle if you can, but you could probably make crisp shapes with a teaspoon too. You bake it on a low temperature to dry out the gel, it will look like paper and curl up a bit by the end but this is critical! So the oven should be at 135f / 60c and just left for the whole time, open them to turn the tray half way through if needed. Remove any ones that catch early and store to one side.

Bonus video: clear meringue pie:

Clear crisps / Glass Potato Chips (YouTube / My Virgin Kitchen)