Enjoy this daily delight of miniature origami

Ross Symons wanted to improve both his photography and origami skills, so he challenged himself to create a fun photo of one of his miniature origami each day, something he started for fun in 2014.

Now it's his full-time business. Here are a few recent gems:

#MiniatureGami Day 104/365 A friend of mine’s little sister calls broccoli, dinosaur trees. 😂👌🏻 Brachiosaurus - Designed by @jonakashima folded by @white_onrice #miniature #origami #whiteonriceorigami #brachiosaurus

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#MiniatureGami Day 85/365 That time of the week again... Fold it Friday! You pick what gets folded next. Comment below and you could be mentioned on the @white_onrice account on Monday along with the chosen fold. Moth - designed by Michael la Fosse #miniature #origami #whiteonriceorigami #moth

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#MiniatureGami Day 46/365 Thank you too @wandali for choosing today’s fold! Alligator - Designed by Jun Maekawa #miniature #origami #whiteonriceorigami #alligator

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Follow his Instagram to keep up with the fun. His website has lots of cool tutorials for those who'd like to get into the craft, too.

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