Trailer for Elevation, a film on how drones will change cities

Dezeen interview leading architects and designers around the world for Elevation, a new documentary on how drones will change cities. Speculative architect Liam Young points out, "Now that drones are in the hands of every person in the street, they're potentially as disruptive as the internet."

Architects have already demonstrated real-world examples of how drones can construct bridges and buildings. From Dezeen:

"Parking for drones will be on the top of buildings. Recharging will be on the top of buildings," said architect Mark Dytham, co-founder of Klein Dytham Architecture. "It's going to be this cloud of wasps everywhere."

"Drones are like an expanded consciousness; an extra eye that allows us to reach places that otherwise we would never reach," said Marina Otero, director of research at Het Nieuwe Instituut.

ELEVATION – HOW DRONES WILL CHANGE CITIES official trailer (YouTube / Dezeen)