Sean Hannity revealed as Trump lawyer Michael Cohen's client number 3

In New York today, a judge ordered Michael Cohen to reveal the name of a third client, someone who didn't want to be named. It's Sean Hannity.

What was Michael Cohen doing for Sean Hannity? We don't know.

The other two Cohen clients we know about are President Donald Trump and Republican National Committee power broker Elliott B. Broidy.

Cohen is not much of a lawyer. He's more of a 'fixer' in the organized crime sense of the term.

For Broidy, Cohen arranged a settlement of $1.6 million to a woman with whom Broidy had a sexual relationship that resulted in a pregnancy which the woman terminated. Effectively, one could say that Cohen brokered funds for a married politician's mistress to have an abortion.

For Trump, Cohen did a lot of different dirty deeds.

The legal matter at hand involves Cohen having arranged a settlement of $130K to the adult film actress Stormy Daniels, with whom Donald Trump had a sexual affair before he became President.

Today, shortly after he was outed as Cohen's third client, Sean Hannity addressed the matter himself on his Fox News radio show.

"It's very strange to have my own television network have my name up on the lower third," he said.

He seemed distracted as he spoke, stopping to answer incoming text messages, pausing periodically for silence.

And it really is strange. Sean Hannity is a TV pundit, but he's also President Trump's single most powerful supporter in broadcast media, a surrogate voice with volume turned up to 11, the frequency tuned to just the right spectrum of hate.

Two thoughts:

1) It's Monday.

2) Is there a fourth client?