Tonight in LA: Cory at the Last Bookstore (then Chapel Hill, Boston, Chicago, Waterloo, Phoenix, Santa Fe, San Jose...)

Tonight at 7PM, I'll be appearing on a panel at the Last Bookstore in downtown LA, with the title "Truth to Power: Genre Fiction in Post-Fact America," alongside of Gretchen McNeil, Jennifer Brody, Christina Cigala, Bobby Goldstein, CB Lee, Michael Paul Gonzalez, Kate Maruyama and Samuel Sattin.

The panel kicks off a busy season of travel for me with many conference talks, panels, cons, and other appearances in Chapel Hill, NC; Cambridge, MA; Chicago, IL; Waterloo, ON; Phoenix, AZ; Santa Fe, NM; San Jose, CA; Boston, MA; San Diego, CA; San Jose, CA; and Pasadena, CA! You can get a full list of my upcoming events on my website.

(Image: Johnnydeezwax, CC-BY-SA)