Three artificial pancreases: a special trio of Catalog of Missing Devices entries

EFF has just published an update to its Catalog of Missing Devices (a catalog of things that don't exist thanks to the chilling effects of Section 1201 of the DMCA): a trio of ads for future artificial pancreas firmwares that illustrate the way that control over devices can magnify or correct power imbalances.

The first entry is SugarSafer, a continuous-loop artificial pancreas that sends all your kids' data to the manufacturer and lets you spy on your kids through their diabetes therapy, tracking their location, blood-sugar, and a myriad of details like how much Youtube they've been watching.

The second entry is GlyceiControl, an alternative firmware for privacy-conscious parents whose privacy worries are about companies spying on their families, but who are still interested in spying on their kids. This entry liberates the user from corporate control, but still puts their internal organs under control of their parents.

The final entry is It's My Pancreas, a free/open alternative firmware that lets kids seize control over their own artificial organs, giving them the power to jailbreak their devices, mix-and-match glucose monitors and insulin pumps, and substitute generic insulin for expensive, proprietary refills.