Brutalist cuckoo clocks

German artist Guido Zimmerman's Cuckoo Blocks are an expansion of his project creating cuckoo clocks in the Brutalist style.

Via his site:

The classic cuckoo clock stands for the prosperity of the middle class and counts as a kind of luxury for the staid home. The updated version as a panel construction shows today's urban and social life in apartment blocks.

The second aspect of the "Cuckoo Blocks" is no less interesting. For example, the "Glenkerry House" by Ernő Goldfinger, built in the striking style of brutalism, was once housing for the average citizen. Today it offers the "hip" and hardly affordable living in London.

The series of cuckoo clocks Zimmermann has expanded with the nest boxes for local songbirds. The prototype, the model of a social building from Catania / Sicily, was quickly inhabited by a pair of tits. The three normal nest boxes next door, however, remained uninhabited. Maybe it was the little sat-bowls that convinced the birds of the "social ironmonger".

Here's some footage of the birdhouse version:

More cool stuff on his Instagram.

Cuckoo Blocks "Berlin" by Guido Zimmermann (YouTube / guido zimmermann)