FBI Dir. Wray on Trump's FBI attacks: I'll only comment on 'opinions that matter'

?? Christopher Wray, the head of the Federal Bureau of Investigations, spoke publicly about the findings of the just-concluded investigation into–among other things–James Comey's 11th-hour actions around the Clinton email investigation, and their effect on the 2016 U.S. Presidential elections.

"We accept the watchdog's findings," said Wray. They're launching an internal review of how the FBI handles "sensitive investigations."

Mr. Trump won't like this, but FBI's rank and file will. Wray seemed to be speaking to them, and they'll take heart. Wray spoke soberly, with repeated reference to the rule of law.

"This report did not find any evidence of political bias or improper considerations impacting the investigation under review" said Wray.

"I've visited with every FBI division.. in every office, in every meeting, I see extraordinary people who are doing incredible work."

Wray ran down laundry list of recent FBI accomplishments: FBI thwarted a terrorist attack on San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf, and another targeting a crowded shopping mall Miami… in March, the agency charged hackers with stealing terabytes of data from agencies, hospitals… After the Austin bombings, 600 agents deployed to investigate package bombs… Wray also said that "this year alone, we saved 1305 kids from predators, some months old…"

And then:

"That in my belief is the only way [The FBI can] maintain trust and credibility to the people we serve," said Wray.

Wray addressed the rule of law directly. Trump won't like it. He referenced his own confirmation hearing:

"I am a huge believer in the importance of process, doing the job by the book. I expect all our employees do the same."

"The FBI's brand over the past 110 years is based less on successes than the way we've earned it. We've earned it by following the rules, following the law, following guidelines, staying true to core values and traditions."

Wray repeatedly used the phrase "Doing the right thing the right way," and the importance of "treating people with respect."

These are things Trump does not do.