Church cages Jesus, Mary, and Joseph to protest Trump's ICE immigrant abuse

"Every family is holy."

At Christ Church Cathedral, an Episcopalian church in Indianapolis, this surprising display greets passers-by.

"We will not stand by while children are being taken from their parents, and families are being taken from our communities and congregations," explains @CCCathedralIndy Dean Rev. Stephen Carlsen.

The ICE nativity scene went up last night.

From IndyStar:

The Rev. Stephen Carlsen, dean and rector of Christ Church, said the caged Holy Family is a protest to President Donald Trump's zero-tolerance policy that is holding families in detention centers at the U.S.-Mexico border.

"I know what the Bible said," Carlsen said. "We're supposed to love our neighbors as ourselves."

The Rev. Lee Curtis, who came up with the idea for the demonstration, said the Biblical trio was a family of refugees seeking asylum in Egypt.

"This family is every family, and every family is holy," Curtis said.

Here's an excerpt from the email sent to the congregation, and shared with the public, surrounding the "Holy Family."

Last evening we revealed our #EveryFamilyIsHoly campaign, designed to bring awareness to the humanitarian atrocities from our nation's "zero tolerance" immigration policies on the border and here in Indianapolis. The campaign's icon of The Holy Family, held in detention, is now on the Cathedral's lawn facing Monument Circle.

[From Friendly Atheist via Christian Nightmares, photos courtesy cccindy]