How to make a bike rack for a motorcycle or scooter

Bicyclists who also own motorcycles and motorscooters have come up with some clever ways to mount their human-powered two-wheeler on their motor-powered vehicles.

This video shows how to carry a bicycle on your motorcycle or scooter. I have Ducati, but I don't carry my bicycle on that. I carry my bicycle on an Aprilia Scarabeo 250 scooter, and I use a 2x2cycles bike rack. I have never had any problems with my 2x2 cycles bike rack on my scooter. It easily goes highway speeds, around corners, or down bumpy roads. It works well for my mountain bike, but I do have to use an adapter for my Cannondale Lefty Fork.

This guy went the other way and mounts his perpendicular to the scooter:

How to carry a bicycle on a motorcycle or scooter (YouTube / Appetite 4 Adventure)