FCKDRM: a DRM-free games company launches a site for DRM-free media

Good Old Games is a fantastic classic video game company whose products are 100% DRM-free; they are stalwart defenders of your rights to use your technology in legal ways, to protect your privacy and to experiment with the things you buy.

GOG's latest project is a website called FCKDRM (available in German and English), where you'll find DRM-free ebooks, music, videos and games, along with information the hazards of purchasing DRM-infected media and the joys of going DRM-free.

"Games with DRM include a layer of software or code on top of what's needed to just play the game. Nowadays DRM will send your information to an online server, it could run checks to see if you touched any files, or outright refuse access unless you're logged in somewhere. In other words, DRM is there to question what you're doing every step of the way," GOG says.

FCKDRM [Good Old Games]

GOG Launches FCKDRM to Promote DRM-Free Art and Media [Andy/Torrentfreak]