Putting a Wii Portable into an Altoids tin

The Altoids tin is something of a gold standard for teeny-weeny casemodders, artists, campers and other ingenious maker-types.

Then there's Shank, who is documenting their project to shrink down all the components in a Wii Portable to fit (and work) in an Altoids tin. As Shank notes, "his portable is not logical, comfortable, or practical. But it must be done… for the memes."

The whole face is packed tightly, so there is literally no room for error. I have measured all of the components with calipers and fit them into a vector of their exact placements. The components' outlines will be removed, and left with only the vectors of the holes. This will then be cut on a vinyl cutter to make a decal template. The decal will then be stuck to the tin to have a way to perfectly line up the holes. All the holes other than the screen are round, and can then be drilled using a drill press. The tin itself is malleable, so a 3d printed or wooden block will be inserted below to prevent the tin from bending while being drilled. The square hole will be done with either nibblers or a file.

Kill Mii [Shank/Bitbuilt]

(via Meifi)