Every Booby Trap in 'Home Alone', the flipbook (GENIUS)

Check out this incredibly dedicated animated flipbook re-creation of all the booby traps in the 1990 holiday scare-'em film HOME ALONE, starring Macaulay Culkin and Joe Pesci.

It's a supercut flipbook!

I can't stop watching it.

This is the creation of IMGURIAN theflippist, and you can see more of their wonderful work at TheFlippist.com.

From The Flippist:

The booby trap scene from Home Alone already feels like a cartoon, so turning it into a flipbook was natural! It especially works great with the amazing sound effects.

This took over a month to draw/color, but has always been one of my favorite movies so I had a lot of fun making it.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all!

Thanks for watching :)