More videos from our University of Chicago interdisciplinary seminar series: "Censorship and Information Control"

Between September and December, I collaborated with science fiction writer and Renaissance historian Ada Palmer and science historian Adrian Johns on a series of interdisciplinary seminars on "Censorship and Information Control" with a rotating crew of academics and practitioners from several fields.

Thanks to generous Kickstarter backers, we were able to pay for professional videography and ADA-compliant subtitling for the whole series, and there are now five of the seminars online for your viewing pleasure (podcasts, including an edited highlight series, are still to come).

I'm so pleased with how these turned out. Every one of these seminars was a delight, as fascinating experts from disciplines that rarely interact with one another engaged in dialog about the history, present and future of censorship and information control, with discussions ranging over privacy, totalitarianism, human liberty, the limits of tolerance, and more — we even had a theater troupe from the UK come and perform bawdy, banned plays from the Interregnum (these included someone getting waterboarded with a gallon of milk!).