Model makers Kayte Sabicer and Adam Savage build a jaw-dropping replica of the Blade Runner blimp

Adam Savage keeps mining deeper and deeper strata of nerdly obsessions, with recent Tested projects including collaborating with other prop makers to create a spot-on ACES NASA astronaut suit for cosplay, building a 3D-printed hand cannon from Mortal Engines, and another pilgrimage to Middle Earth, aka Weta Workshop in New Zealand.

And then there's this model-making masterpiece Adam has just revealed, a 1/2-scale build of the prop blimp used in Ridley Scott's 1982 flim, Blade Runner. Built by model maker Kayte Sabicer and Adam Savage (but mainly Kayte), the project took months to complete and an ungodly amount of fiddly labor. The results could not be more impressive.