WATCH: Trump claims 'coup' against him led by Mueller, 'I didn't need a gun' to defeat 'attempted overthrow'

While speaking at the National Rifle Association convention in Indianapolis, Indiana just now, President Donald Trump spoke to pro-weapons advocates about a failed coup against him.

"I didn't need a gun" to ward off a coup by Robert Mueller, Donald said.

He said the FBI was "trying to infiltrate the White House," and urges an inquiry into the investigation surrounding his contacts with Russia.

Trump claimed "corruption" at the "highest level" of the Justice Department, and called U.S. law enforcement "a disgrace."

Video below.

The president also withdrew from a global arms treaty, and survived the apparent tossing of an object toward the stage.

Also today, Russian agent Maria Butina was sentenced to 18 months prison minus time served for acting in an influence operation that targeted the NRA and Trump.

The use of the "coup" language by Trump has escalated since the release of the less-redacted version of Robert Mueller's report.