G-20: 'Get rid of them,' Trump says of journalists. Putin: Russia also has 'problem' of 'fake news.' They chuckle

Today is the one year anniversary of the 2018 Capitol Gazette mass shooting, in which a gunman shot and killed 5 people, and injured more.

At the G20 summit today on the other side of the world, illegitimate United States president Donald Trump shared a chuckle with his boss, Russian president Vladimir Putin, over their shared wish to "get rid of" of journalists.

Trump expressed mocking disdain for "fake news," and mockingly dismissed the seriousness of Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential elections.

The Committee to Protect Journalists says 26 journalists have been murdered in Russia since Putin became president. Here are their names.

At the G20 photo op in front of news photographers, Trump appeared to bond with Putin over their shared scorn for journalists and the press in general.

"Get rid of them," said Trump of journalists.

"Fake news is a great term, isn't it? You don't have this problem in Russia, but we do."

"We also have," Putin replied to Trump, in English. "It's the same."

Then they shared a laugh.

Here is the bizarre video clip right before that of Trump telling Putin not to meddle in the 2020 elections. Trump wags his finger at Putin, appears to do it to appease the idiot journalists, mocking all of us.

More from journalists who were there, and who observed the pool footage of the Trump-Putin theatrics.

[via MediaGazer]