Mueller 'fully prepared' and 'going to be ready Wednesday'

Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller will arrive on Capitol Hill 'fully prepared' to testify, his spokesperson tells a CNN reporter today.

CNN's Jessica Schneider reports that "Mueller has been prepping with a small group from the Special Counsel's office at Wilmer Hale offices," and that Mueller's spokesperson told CNN, "If you look at him and his career, he is someone who comes to the table fully prepared and he's going to be ready Wednesday."

MORE: Mueller will have a prepared opening statement that has not been seen by DOJ, according to the spox. His testimony will be in line with his public statement May 29. "If you listen to that statement, he made it clear you can basically expect him to stick to the report."

MORE: Mueller will also submit a statement for the record to the committee beyond his opening, but that will simply be a redacted copy of his report and nothing else, his spox says. Mueller's frame of mind? "He was subpoenaed obviously and he's made clear that's why he will be there."