Kickstarting a cover of GRIM GRINNING GHOSTS with mashup legend dj BC and friends!

Dj BC (previously) writes, "I'm the producer behind Ghost Cave. You might know me from the mashup albums The Beastles, Ziggy Stardust Remixed, Wu Orleans, the Santastic Christmas Collections, and others. Up next is a glorious 7" vinyl record package, in a limited edition of 500 (100 purple, 400 black). And it's LEGAL!"

"The A side will be THE HAUNTED MANSION (aka Grim Grinning Ghosts) Ghost Cave's electro-dance mix of The Haunted Mansion theme song. The B side will be the hip-house Ghostbusters rap song, 'We Are Ready To Believe You (ATOM Stay Puft Mix)' featuring nerdcore rapper Tribe One, ATOM's microhouse beats, and hype man Supercrunk. These are both 5-6 minute dance mixes. We'll also have cool pins, art prints, shirts, stickers and tees available for some levels."

I backed this! Holy cats!

Haunted Mansion Vinyl 7" (limited to 500) by Ghost Cave [dj BC/Kickstarter]