Los Angeles: The variety hour that won't end! Tony Martini is back!

The Tony Martini Variety Hour returns to The Three Clubs this Saturday night! I'm going!

Mark Fite, Renee Albert, Jim Turner and a cast of vaudevillians, burlesque dancers and god knows what are getting together to put on a couple of hours of good old fashioned variety! A form of entertainment largely thought dead by the early 1980s!

Tony Martini, your host, and titular lounge singer-y guy is portrayed by Los Angeles' comedic hurricane Mark Fite. Mark sings, jokes, and frequently falls flat on his face. Luckily, Martini is accompanied by his super talented wife, Bananas Foster. Foster could only be played by rock and roll accordion grand master Renee Albert. Boing Boing favorite Jim Turner plays their less than kind and understanding manager.

Produced by Steven Espinosa, the cast is joined by a veritable mob of Los Angeles finest variety acts: Michael Rayner, Pam Severns, Karl Herlinger, April Showers, Hannah Beavers, Sarah Elizabeth Pace and the always mindbending contortionist Bonnie Morgan.

Live music will be performed by Ben Jaffe.

Bar opens at 7:30, show starts sometime thereafter. Tickets and more info here.

I'll be drinking heavily in the back.