MTv's former Presidential candidate Randee of the Redwoods encourages voter registration

Taylor Swift may speak to her home state, but MTv's former presidential hopeful Randee of the Redwoods may be more effective to rally Happy Mutant voters!

Randee reminds us of our youth, while encouraging everyone to register and to vote.

Just say "Whoa!"

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Don't blink or you'll miss Jim Turner in "Dr. Brinks & Dr. Brinks"

Jim Turner is on the movie poster for Dr. Brinks & Dr. Brinks, so you might expect to see him in it.

Jim plays Doctor Brinks, a humanitarian who dies before the movie begins, in a plane crash with his humanitarian wife, also Doctor Brinks. The film opens at the funeral. Their long separated children are total shits. Raucous hilarity ensues.

Jim is briefly in a flashback sequence.

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Randee of the Redwoods and 'Pete and Pete' to host MELTASIA, this summer in NY

Holy smokes! Randee of the Redwoods and Pete and Pete? These are some of my favorite television personalities of all time!

The Catskills sure have changed since my dad's day! Meltasia festival makes East Durham, NY the ultimate place to be on Earth this September 8th-10th. My spirit guide, Randee of the Redwoods, will be joined by Pete and Pete, the titular lead characters of of a mid 90s television program apparently targetted at surrealists and absurdists!

There will be music as well!

Check out Meltasia! Maybe you'll head for the Catskills!

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Drugs and Alcohol = No Job

You may have seen the Wainwright Training videos on Boing Boing's in-flight entertainment channel on Virgin America.

While they probably won't be offering sensitivity training, Mark Fite and Jim Turner, one-half of Los Angeles' best sketch comedy troupe 2 HeadedwDog, will be appearing at Beyond Brookledge this May, in Riverside, CA.

Beyond Brookledge is a fantastic three-day magic and variety extravaganza thrown by Erika Larsen and Bob Self at Riverside, California's unbelievable Mission Inn May 19-21st. Once a year those two curate a weekend of dazzling entertainment, and amazing community, around the acts from Erika's private shows at the theater in her home, Brookledge.

You'll instantly feel like you are among friends, and spend a weekend hanging out with some of the most amazing magicians, makers and variety performers on Earth.

The Amazing Jonathan will probably make fun of you.


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'Hugh Hefner meets Mister Magoo' style comedy: Girly Magazine Party at Steve Allen Theater, Feb. 18, LA

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In LA this Sunday, you can help stop Mad Clown Disease!

Sunday night the fantastic comedians of 2 Headed Dog present what may be their magnum opus: CLOWNTOWN CITY LIMITS!

I wish I was in LA, I hate to miss this show!

This Sunday, join Big Bugs (the Happiest Clown Alive), Corky (the unemployed rodeo clown), and Adolph (their Swedish butler) for a very special benefit performance of Clowntown CIty Limits to help fight MCD.

One in ten clowns is afflicted with Mad Clown Disease. With your help, there is a cure. All proceeds to benefit Find A Cure for MCD.

Special post-show VIP autograph and picture signing with Bugs, Corky, and Adolph.

Anyone in Clown outfit (and not afflicted with MCD) gets $2 off price of admission.

Steve Allen Theater

4773 Hollywood Blvd

LA, CA 90027

Sunday November 6th



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To Do in LA: 2 Headed Dog at the Steve Allen Theater, Nov 24

Join LA's best comedy troupe 2 Headed Dog next Tuesday night, 8pm, at the Steve Allen theater!

Jim Turner, Mark Fite, Dave "Gruber" Allen and Craig Anton put up the most fun show I have seen in years! Individually they are brilliant, accomplished actors, as a team 2 Headed Dog is an unstoppable absurdist force.

I understand that Jim Turner's Choam Underhill will be making an appearance. I'm certain to attend, as I lack enlightenment. Read the rest