Wisconsin's Penzey Spices spent $92,000 on Facebook #Impeachment ads in just one week

Spice-seller was second only to Trump in spending on impeachment ads

A Wisconsin-based company that sells herbs and spices for home gourmands spent more on impeachment-related Facebook ads than any entity besides Donald Trump, who is of course the impeachment target.

Penzey Spices, a family-owned company in Wauwatosa, WI, spent $92,000 in a single week on pro-impeachment (anti-Trump) Facebook ads, reports the New York Times late Friday.

From Sept. 29 to Oct. 5, Penzey Spices is reported to have spent about $92,000 in Facebook ads supporting the impeachment and removal of "President" Trump.

Trump's campaign, by comparison, spent over $700,000 on *anti* impeachment ads during that same period.


Bill Penzey, the company's owner, could not immediately be reached on Friday. But he told The Chicago Tribune that his wife "just about spit out her coffee laughing" when she heard that the company had spent more on Facebook impeachment ads than everyone but the president.

He added that though he had received some criticism from conservative clients, it was worth it to make a stand.

"I think the luxury of not being on a side is something of the past," he said. "You lose some customers, you gain more customers. I think we've gained a lot more than we've lost."

Here's a snip from the original Axios report that broke the news, with other big spenders shown for comparison:

Source: AXIOS

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