Impeachment Inquiry: Mike Pompeo's former aide Michael McKinley to testify

Mike Pompeo [ photo]

The Donald Trump impeachment inquiry is picking up speed.

A senior adviser to Trump Secretary of State Mike Pompeo who just resigned will be questioned under oath on Wednesday on Capitol Hill in the accelerating House impeachment inquiry.

Tweeted CNN's Manu Raju, among the first to break the news today:

“Michael McKinley, a senior adviser to Pompeo who just resigned, is scheduled for a transcribed interview with the committees leading the impeachment inquiry on Wednesday at 10a, according to multiple congressional sources.”

It's going to be be a full week.

“Tomorrow: George Kent; Wednesday: McKinley; Thursday: Sondland; Friday: Laura Cooper (new addition), who is the deputy assistant secretary of defense for Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia,” quips Raju.